Update on Imperial’s planning application March 2022

Imperial’s application remains under assessment by the OPDC.  It is not clear whether a decision will be made this side of the May 2022 local elections.

The GLA has submitted to OPDC a set of  ‘Stage 1′ comments GLA report Feb 2022 which are generally supportive of the proposals in terms of land use and building heights.  But with concerns over Fire Safety.  The issue of very tall buildings with a single escape staircase has become a big issue in London in recent months.

After Grenfell, the idea that occupants will be willing to observe a ‘stay put’ policy as part of an evacuation procedure, while the single staircase is used as a ‘firefighters stair’ for firemen coming up the building, has been widely questioned.

LB Hammersmith & Fulham, as a neighbouring boriigh, as also submitted an objection LBHF obj One Portal Way on the impact of building heights and the harm that will be caused at viewing points such as Wormwood Scrubs and Kensal Cemetery (on North Kensington).

The Old Oak Neighbourhood Forum has submitted a One Portal Way Third objection from OONF, taking account of what LB Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing Council, and GLA officers are saying about the proposals.

So there are hopes that this application will be withdrawn for further work, or even refused by OPDC Planning Committee.  In the meantime further objections would be welcomed by local residents in the surrounding area.  See at  http://imperialfolly.org.uk/?page_id=252 on how to send in an objection.

Meanwhile Imperial College has declined to enter into any futher correspondence with OONF on why a university shoud be be pursuing a major speculative commercial development of this kind, and whether the College’s Endowment Fund has the legal capacity and powers to do so.  See the page on this website at  http://imperialfolly.org.uk/?page_id=25  for more background



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