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This website started life in 2013. Back then Imperial College applied to develop what is now called the White City Campus, in Wood Lane, Hammersmith in London.  The local residents association campaigned at that time against the part of the proposals which involved a 35 storey residential building – the first of anything like this height in the area..

Local people thought that this was a ‘folly’ (in both senses of the word) which Imperial would come to regret. The building is now completed and is badged as 88 Wood Lane.

This website has now been fully updated as Imperial Folly 2.0 to give information on the College’s latest development proposals at One Portal Way in North Acton.   This application has been with OPDC awaiting decision for over a year.

We do not know the precise reasons for this delay.  Redesign work to meet comments from the London Fire Brigade is likely to be one of them.

The two sets of objections to Imperial’s planning application, from the Old Oak Neighbourhood Forum, can be downloaded from our page on how to make your views known.

The 2022 development proposed for One Portal Way is a purely commercial property venture by the College, with no academic content or student housing (as at White City).  Our page on this site on Imperial College explores whether the university should be involved in this highly contentious and environmentally harmful property scheme.

This website is now administered by the Old Oak Neighbourhood Forum.  Please email oonforum@gmail.com to join the forum or to leave any comments or queries.


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