How to make your views known

The planning application for Phase 2 of the Imperial West development was approved by Hammersmith & Fulham Council on July 25th 2012.  Details of the application remain at this link:

We are now concentrating our efforts on Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. The Borough Council’s decision remains subject to ‘no contrary direction’ by Boris Johnson, who has the power to intervene and to require to proposals to be changed.

To make your views known to the GLA and the Mayor of London, please email any or all of the following:

Boris Johnson at, Sir Edward Lister (Deputy Mayor) at, Kit Malthouse (GLA member for London Central West) at or the GLA Senior Planner at

You can also give your views to Dame Eliza Manningham Buller, chairman of the Imperial College council (c/o John Anderson, Chief Executive of the College Fund) at

These are some of the points you may like to consider when giving a view on the proposals:

  • The overall scale, massing, and heights of the development are wholly/entirely  inappropriate to the site, given its close proximity to a low-rise Conservation  Area.
  • There is no evidence of any public support for a ‘cluster’ of towers, or even a single ‘landmark’ tower in this part of London.  This is a concept devised by developers for their own commercial ends.
  • The land and skyline to the west of Wood Lane is currently free from very tall  buildings.  Approval to a first tall tower will set a precedent for others, ruining the views of this part of London.
  • The cumulative impact of this and other proposed developments along Wood Lane has not been adequately assessed.  Whatever traffic studies may say, the reality is that Wood Lane, and the junction with North Pole  Road are already very heavily congested by those visiting Westfield.   Public transport is also under pressure.
  • The application should be halted until a proper strategic plan for the White City area is consulted on and finalised (consultation is not due to start until late September 2012).
  • The Imperial College buildings are to be financed by a residential tower (with no element of affordable housing other than for Imperial staff). This will contribute little to the area’s housing needs. There is a real risk of  such apartments being sold to offshore buyers and standing vacant or  under-occupied while existing local residents suffer the consequences of an  ill-conceived project.

More information on the discussions held within the Imperial College Council, at the early stages of these proposals, are available under Imperial College.  These pages include information on how the development is being financed. These minutes of College Council meetings make clear the extent to which the proposals are commercially driven.


3 thoughts on “How to make your views known

  1. Once again the councils decision to approve a development of this scale is completely unsympathetic to wishes of the local residents. Expanding in height means a blatant milking of this land by selling £400+ rabbit huts to offshore buyers thus out pricing poor people further out of London. Furthermore, Westfields plans to create this commercial/residential sarcophagus to the north of Ariel Way will only add to the ballardian vision of decay in which our future generations will be wallowing in. Let’s stop this before it’s too late.

  2. The disappointing aspect of Imperial college’s planning application is, that despite numerous meetings with Imperial and them apparently listening to our concerns, the final plans are worse (taller tower, bigger “wall” of buildings) then initially proposed by Imperial. Sadly Imperial’s plans would set a precedent allowing for tall buildings and towers to be built along the Westway in any spot a developer could find to squeeze one in.

  3. These proposals are utterly insensitive to the residential environment that has been stable for a century in this part of west London. Commercial gain should not be the criterion by which our society lives.

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