Planning permission yet to be issued

As of November 2012, Hammersmith and Fulham Council has yet to issue a planning permission for Phase 2 of the Imperial West development.  Negotiations on the details of the Section 106 Agreement are still in progress.

We have asked for sight of a copy, so as to see what is happening about some of the community benefits that Imperial committed to when first submitting their proposals (such as a day nursery open to local people, and a health centre or polyclinic.  There has been no reply as yet from the council.

We have also written to Imperial to ask about the background to a £35m grant awarded to the College ‘to support the development of its new Imperial West Technology Campus’.  This grant is to go towards the costs of a ‘Research and Translation Hub’ within the development.

Does this extra Government funding change the financial context of the scheme?  It is not a trivial sum.  We wait to hear.

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