Boris gives the go ahead

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has given the go-ahead to the Imperial West scheme, leaving it to LB Hammersmith & Fulham to issue planning permission for the development.

This is despite Boris saying back in March, when the scheme first came before him, that he wanted the height of the 35 storey tower looked at again.  But that was then, and this is now.  Boris was in campaign mode back in March, for the London Mayoral elections, and taking some notice of public protests on the scheme.  Now, safely back as Mayor, his concerns have clearly gone away.  The tower has stayed at 35 storeys.

We had written in early September to ask both the GLA and LBHF when the Mayoral decision at ‘stage 2′ would be made, having previously been told it would be some time this month.   We had no response, until hey presto two days after the decision was taken we are told that all is done and dusted.  The necessary documents reached the Mayor on 12th September and by the 20th the GLA officer recommendation was approved.  We are still trying to find out how we could have known what was happening up at City Hall.

The GLA website publishes a weekly list of planning applications referred to the Mayor, but it seems to have no entries after June 2102 (NB since we first published this post, the listing has been updated – marvellous what a bit of publicity can do to galvanise bureaucracies).

The GLA officer report, recommending ‘on balance’ that the Imperial West development should be approved, can be read here pdu2540b_imperial_west

As with the report to the LBHF Planning Applications Committee, the GLA document goes to tortuous lengths to find sufficient justification to approve a development of this height and scale at this location.  It also attempts to address the various grounds for legal challenge, to which our lawyers alerted the council back in July (see earlier posts below).  We do not find these parts of the report very convincing, and we doubt if a High Court judge will either.

Fund raising from our members, to finance a legal challenge, is going well.  But we are not going to give more details on the subject on this public website.  Please get in touch if you are not already an association member, and have advice or financial support to offer.  You can email us at

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