Boris, the ball is in your court

The decision of Hammersmith and Fulham Council on the Imperial West scheme remains subject to ‘no contrary direction’ by the Mayor of London.  Because of the scale and height of the proposed development, the planning application has to be agreed by Boris as well as the Borough.

Back in March (and before the London Mayoral elections) the GLA planners reviewed the proposals, and Boris specifically asked that the height of the tower be looked at again.  Imperial tweaked the design of the top of the tower and re-oriented it on the site.  But there was no reduction in height.

Now safely back for another term at County Hall, Boris may be less influenced than in March by public objections to the scheme.  But local residents are continuing to email to say they think this gross overdevelopment of the site should not proceed.

Other things have also changed since the GLA last looked at the proposals, and not least the current legal challenges to the way in which Hammersmith & Fulham has been using Supplementary Planning Documents to pave the way for the more extreme planning proposals in the borough. GLA planners will find it harder this time round to rely on the infamous 2011 draft White City Opportunity Area Planning Framework, to justify letting through the Imperial West project.

See our SHRA letter to GLA 27 July 2012 for more details.  The GLA risk joining LBHF as co defendants to a Judicial Review application, if the Mayor does not intervene over this planning application.  The two bodies are already co-defendants on the legal challenge to the Earls Court scheme, following the success in the High Court of the shopkeepers of Goldhawk Road.


2 thoughts on “Boris, the ball is in your court

  1. Do you live in the immediate area? No one would deny that the several sites in the White City area all need development. But it does not have to be like this. Imperial College could have financed a ‘second campus’ on this site that earned the respect of its neighbours as a serious piece of university architecture, and which would have been welcomed by all. They have chosen instead to team up with a property company, and a bunch of consultants, who are serving their own ends. They will live to regret the results, as will may residents in West London.

  2. Websites like this that delay investment and development of London are what is pushing up ever rising house prices more and more. Good work Boris for taking control and ensuring that in a few choices sites there a can be development in London. As well and making sure the developer makes investment in the local area.

    The focus on the tower is short sighted and misguided attempt by locals to serve only their own purposes. White City as an opportunity area for all of London!

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