Decision due on July 25th

The planners at Hammersmith & Fulham have now redrafted sections of the report which they were forced to withdraw from the Planning Applications Committee on July 10th.

The revised report attempts to meet the various legal challenges which we and our lawyers (Webster Dixon) put to them.  We don’t think the new version helps the council’s position.  Our latest letter to councillors on the Planning Applications Committee is here SHRA to LBHF July 18.2012

The committee meets again on  Wednesday 25th July and the Imperial West application will be the first item on the agenda at 7pm.  Come and join us in front of the Hammersmith Town Hall, King Street, W6 9JU from 6.40 onwards.   Last time round, we had to stand everyone down at the last minute, when the report was withdrawn.  This time we think that the planning application will be discussed and decided, but check back here before you make the journey.  The council’s processes for making planning decisions are not running smoothly these days, and who knows what may happen next.

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