Planning consultation extended to March 8th

Residents in Kensington and Chelsea are only now being informed of the planning application for Imperial West.  Letters are going out to neighbouring households, and the application has been listed on the K&C website (although the details are only on the LBHF website – see previous post below for the link)

Because of this delay, the deadline set by Hammersmith & Fulham for comments on the application has been extended from February 24th to March 8th 2012.  This is good news as it allows more time for residents to learn about the details of the proposals, and to send in their views.

Our open meeting on February 20th at 8pm in St Helens Church Hall will be attended by a planning officer from Kensington & Chelsea, who will explain the approach to consultation on this side of the borough boundary,

The Association has meanwhile been doing more research on the financial background to the Imperial West development, and the relationship between Imperial College and its joint venture partner Voreda Capital.   More detail is at our new page on Imperial Financing Feb 2012 update.

Local residents have always been told that the tower of commercial apartments, and the proposed hotel, are required in order to finance the new academic buildings that Imperial badly needs.  The reality of the figures is beginning to look rather different.   We await more answers from the College.

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