More to come

We have added a further page to this website on further major developments in the pipeline.  Westfield have submitted an outline application for a further 50,000 sq.metres of retail floorspace and 1,600 housing units, north of the existing shopping centre.  Helical Bar and Aviva Investments are convening a first round of meetings to set out their plans for the 10 acre former Dairy Crest site immediately south of Westway, off Wood Lane.  

Our local area looks as though it will be resounding to the crash of piledrivers and the roar of building lorries for many years to come, and will look very different at the end of it.

Meanwhile, the latest we have heard is that Imperial’s planning application for Phase 2 at the Woodlands site will be submitted to Hammersmith & Fulham Council in December, rather than in mid-November as planned.  We can only hope that this is because more changes are being made to the scheme, in the light of local opposition to its scale and building heights.  Burt we are not holding our breath.


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