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The deadline for responses to Imperial College’s consultation exercise has now passed, but this need not stop local residents writing in with views on the proposed further buildings on the Woodlands site in Wood Lane.  The best people to email (while a planning application is awaited) are as follows.

John Anderson, Chief Executive of the College Fund at j.anderson@imperial.ac.uk

Councillor Stephen Greenhalgh, Leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council at stephen.greenhalgh@lbhf.gov.uk

And the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson at mayor@london.gov.uk 

If you want  to send a message with objections to the proposals, these are points you may want to make.  More details of potential grounds for objection are under the planning context tab on this website:

  • A 34 storey 110m high tower of expensive flats which will forever blight the open western skyscape and encourage a cluster of other towers at Westfield and thence to Paddington
  • No affordable housing for local people
  • A development more dense than Paddington Basin
  • Which is 30% greedier in energy in construction and maintenance through its high rise design
  • Provides an ill conceived central square which will be overshadowed, wind blown and unsuited to ‘community use’
  • Is predominantly commercial with a hotel, private flats and business premises
  • Puts 2,500 extra people on the site, putting a strain on infrastructure (drains, sewers, air, water) and particularly the already congested traffic in this area.
  • Despite huge public objections at all planning stages and ‘consultation ‘exercises to date, the local objections have been ignored, and information has been misleading with use of ’visual assessments’ which do not give a true picture of what is already being built and what is planned for the next stage.
A copy of our October to the members of the Imperial College Council is on this site under Imperial College at this link

Our October letter to Hammersmith & Fulham planning department is posted under Planning Context at this link
The replies that we received do not answer our questions, and correspondence continues.  We are now expecting a planning application for Phase 2 of the development to be submitted in December, a month later than previously.  There will formal consultation period lasting several weeks and this will be the time when we will need to maximise a write-in campaign by local residents, registering their objections to the proposals.
More information on the discussions within the Imperial College Council, taken from recently published minutes of these meetings, is available under Imperial College


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