One tower leads to another…..

One of the main concerns of K&C residents has been that the proposed Imperial tower of 34 stories will swiftly be followed by planning applications for other very tall buildings in the area, each claiming that a precedent has been set.
Things are moving faster than expected.  LB Hammersmith and Fulham have recently advertised on their weekly list a planning application from Network Rail, who want to put up a 100ft advertising tower, beside the railway track between Latimer Road and the Woodlands site.  Consutation letters were due to go out on 10th October – but has anyone this side of the borough boundary received one?
If permitted by the council, this would join the ‘Tower of Terror’ built on land held by the Westway Development Trust.  Kensington and Chelsea council originally refused this application, but it was allowed by a Planning Inspector on appeal. 
Following a campaign by local residents, the council has committed to withdrawing the planning approval when it expires, in three and half years time.  We remain very clear that we want the ‘Tower of Terror’ to come down, and no more successors to follow it.  The Association will be making objections to Network Rail’s proposals.
Meanwhile, what will be Imperial’s reaction to the proposed second advertising tower, so close to their land?   If it gets built, future occupants of their expensive high-rise flats and their proposed hotel will be greeted with a view of not one, but two shimmering stuctures.  They will suffer (as local residents already suffer) huge illuminated images of David Beckham in his underpants, or M&S bra adverts, not once but twice over.
But if they choose to object to this new application, on what grounds will this be?   Unsuitable height (when a 100ft tower will be only a third of what they propose themselves)? Or light pollution, when their own grandiose proposals will create plenty of this?
One tower leads to another…. and the first who builds will find that their plans can come back to haunt them.
Residents living in the surrounding area who wish to object to the second advertising tower can email or write to H&F planning department (case officer ) or find the application at and register an objection online.  It will only take a moment.

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