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Imperial’s consultation sessions

Imperial College are holding a series of public consultation sessions, from October 6th – 10th on their plans for the Woodlands site in Wood Lane W12.   Please be aware that the consultation leaflet circulated by Imperial does not give the full picture of what is proposed.   The proposed Phase 2 buildings include a hotel and 34 storey residential tower, alongside large 11 and 12 storey academic buildings (the Phase 1 buildings under construction are 10 storey).

These sessions are part of the formal ‘pre-application’ consultation process.   A planning application for Phase 2 of the Woodlands development (ImperialWest campus) is due to be submitted in mid Novermber 2011 to the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, as planning authority.

The dates and locations of the consultation sessions are as follows:

Thursday 6th October 11am-5pm and Friday 7th October 2pm – 8pm at The Common Room, Women’s Pioneer Housing Association, Du Cane Rd

Saturday 8th October, 1pm – 5.30pm (proposal presentation at 3pm) at St Helens Church Hall

Monday 10th October, 12 noon-8pm, at The Harrow Club, 187 Freston Rd

It is very important that as many local residents as possible make known their views on these proposals, either by attending the sessions or by completing the Freepost form on the Imperial College Update circulated to local households.   More details of the ‘Fight the Height’ campaign being undertaken by the St Helens Residents Association are on this website.

Second meeting between St Helens Residents Association and Imperial College

A second meeting was held on September 20th between John  Anderson (Chief Executive of the Imperial College Fund), Imperials’s architects and consultants, and members of the St Helens Residents Association.

A copy of the minutes can be found here

Imperial’s architects have made some minor modifications to the elevations of those buildings that will be seen from Oxford Gardens.   But there has been no reduction in the proposed height of the residential tower on the south-western corner of the site, which stands at 34 stories (over 100 meters).   The academic buildings in Phase 2 are also planned to be higher than the 10 storey postgraduate blocks, already visible from the St Quintins Estate.

2 thoughts on “Latest campaign news

  1. I attended the proposal presentation at St Helens Church Hall on 8 October. It was clear that all the residents there are opposed to the proposal. And it was clear also that we are not against the project itself but its scale. The projections of the architects were quite obviously wrong. Phase One is an already looming presence on the skyline. Phase Two would be a disaster for the environment blocking out light and dwarfing the estate. We are pitched against powerful interests. Imperial College and the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham seem to be going through the motions of consultation having already decided to go ahead regardless of the residents’ objections. We need to protest at individual and collective levels with strength and determination.

  2. Attended first part of Imperial College consultation session at Pioneer Way yesterday morning. Their version of visualisations from 10 locations, claiming to show impact of the final development and the 34 storey tower, look distinctly dubious. The views of what the present 10 storey structures look like from Kelfield Gardens are in wide-angle/longshot and do not bear much relationship to what local residents are seeing every day – as shown above on this website.

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